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Split Dals

Aromatic Chana Dal Kitchari with Saffron

After seasonal feasts, it not uncommon to crave more cleansing and nourishing dishes such as kitchari (or kitcheree or khichdi). Essentially a one-pot Indian meal, the common feature of a kitchari is a digestive aiding combination of split legumes, rice and spices and often vegetables. Such preparations are open to …

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Tamarind Broth with Puréed Toor Dal and Spices

A heat wave has once again enveloped Ontario, and that means lighter meals are in order. I’ve been serving a lot of salads lately, and wanted something fairly light, but different. A craving for Indian creations got me searching for some new ideas. The first book I flipped through was …

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Bisi Bele Bhath (Rice with Lentils and Spices)

This combination of rice, toor dal, vegetables and spices is essentially a south Indian variation of north Indian kitcheree — the classic one-pot meal — with the use of tamarind, coconut, aromatic spices and a tempering characteristic of south Indian cooking. The bisi bele spice mix is a rather unique …

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